Tips for Improving Hair Loss With Hair Transplant Procedure

Hair loss is an embarrassing and life changing piece that sometimes people have to deal with as they age. From genetics to hormones there are alot of factors that play into hair loss. But did you know you can do a few things to help avoid long term hair loss? Hair loss is typically a genetic pattern as well as a hormone problem. But sometimes it’s just a problem within the body that can actually be fixed with medication. There are a few all natural ways to avoid hair loss as well. There are many different medications and lifestyle changes that can improve your chances at not losing your hair. Consider these things that you could do to help avoid hair loss.

Medication For Hair Loss

There are a couple different medications on the market that can help with pattern hair loss. Depending on what the underlying issue is, will change what type of medication you can try. If its genetic, then typically there isn’t a lot of medication that will work. But if it is hormonal you can try levothyroxine or a different hormone supplement and see if it helps. However, if it is a hormone problem, you typically also have other symptoms as well such as ED or weight gain. The medicine finasteride was created to help people with hair loss. As well as that, there is the medication minoxidil. Both medications are proven to help with hair loss with very little side effects.

No Hot Showers
Another way to improve hair loss and to help avoid hair loss is to avoid taking long hot showers. Hot showers damage the scalp and remove needed oils to help with growth. So taking hot showers can speed the process of genetic hair loss as well as trigger it to happen.

Change Hair Products

Too much hair product can damage the scalp and the needed oils on the scalp. They can also damage and throw off the hormones that help hair growth. The chemicals within gels and other hair products stick to the scalp and inhibit needed oils. Also, avoid DHT in soaps and shampoos.

These also destroy the needed hair oils. Shampoos that help reduce the amount of testosterone that gets transferred to DHT can help reduce hair loss. Specific shampoos are better at doing this because oral medication can also come along with other side effects. Anytime that you mess with testosterone or other hormones, you change many different bodily functions.

Along with changing hair products try changing your diet as well. Your diet affects every piece of the machine of your body. By improving your body and reducing dairy and processed foods, you can help improve the fight of hair loss you are waging.

Scalp Massage
Scalp massage has been shown to help improve hair growth. This is because it helps increase the blood flow to the hair follicles which help it grow quickly and receive the needed nutrients. Scalp massage has been proven to help avoid and reduce hair loss. Scalp massage in conjunction with higher quality hair care products and a diet change can greatly help you in your fight on hair loss.

Laser Combs
One way to combat potential hair loss is to use a laser comb. There are studies that show that laser combs help improve hair loss over the course of six months. They are also great for blood flow and improving the much needed oils that your scalp naturally produces.

It is a great first option if you notice a small amount of hair loss. It’s a great thing to try before committing to a more expensive options such as a toupee or hair transplants. Laser combs are somewhat expensive but nothing compared to other hair loss treatments. Laser combs in conjunction with changing your lifestyle and hair products can help you improve your hair loss.

In the end, hair loss is not something that you have to deal with. There are many all natural options to try before committing to a large expensive fix. From hormones to genetics hair loss is a bummer thing. But in today’s world there are many options to help avoid hair loss. Don’t let hair loss problems define your life.