FUE Hair Transplant

Fue hair transplant is one of the most cutting edge systems available. It is so ahead of it’s time that fue hair transplant in Singapore is right there as one of the first and only robotic transplant systems. The beauty of that is the optical robotic guidance system helps locate properly and extract your follicular areas correctly. Fue hair transplant ensures that the surgeon has the correct systems in place to do a good job. For fuller, thicker, and more beautiful hair definitely consider it.

Fue hair transplant creates a much more natural looking situation than other competitive products. The reason for that is you ARE using your actual hair.
It is your hair and it is simple transplanted correctly. Your donor harvest done in location in Singapore is then used through mechanical precision to be implanted where it will take and last forever and ever permanently. If you want the best technology in the world for lustrous healthy looking hair you should definitely contact a FUE representative as soon as humanly possible. Why wait? Go for it! The process is so simple and a breeze. You will not regret taking action to make a better version of you.

Another unique part of the the fue hair transplant is it’s ability to integrate the artas system machine interface. Technology is always enhancing our lives and this is able to visualize the surface of each individual’s scalps by using three dimension imaging and micron level precision monitoring and measuring systems. This imaging software is top of the line and unmatched by anyone. The fue hair transplant team in
Singapore is amazing in that it uses stereo digital imaging maps to set up the right angle, coordinate the implant, orient, and probably direct and place each follicle or follicular unit.

Fue hair transplant utilizes an impressive 50 times a second monitor system. This system will monitor and impressively update distinct parameters. The distinct parameters are measured not just overall, but actually on each distinct follicular unit, so each follicle, and pore looks as natural as humanly possible.

Fue hair transplant uses intelligent algorithms which is pretty cool. This is done at all locations worldwide. Not just at the singapore location. These products are amazing to use all over the world. ANother unique feature of this system is the calculated angle the robotics allows for, minimizes the normal transections made. The calculated angle of the robotics makes for a precision that is unheard of.

The way it works is fairly impressive. The robotic system does use artas digital images to rack each hair that way they can be preserved to the level that is natural. The system in conjunction with the surgeon helps determine customized punch sites which will help the healing go a lot faster. Smaller punch sites have been proven to heal quicker and allow for a higher percentage of hairs to officially take.

To minimize the damage of the punches and punching system this FUE setup uses a 4 prong punch. This is the way to keep it tight and do it right. It is actually an awesome way to go in that the procedure is minimally invasive and it doesn’t leave a scar the way many competitive options do. Not having that scar gives you the freedom to cut and style your hair in any way that you imagine.

This procedure is safe and simple whether it is for a small graft site or for something more surgically serious such as a site of over 1500 grafts. Those larger surgical cases will take up to two consecutive days.

The robotic setup is extremely ideal for large sites and it really goes a long way to accurately predict where grafts should go and how to jump start healing. The advantage of robotic precision ensures that growth factors are released accurately and that harvests happens at the best time of morning to assist maximizing the harvest yield and keep the patient at the best level of comfort throughout. Robotic harvest goes a long way in making sure the patient is comfortable, stress free, and able to heal easily. The technology is so innovative it dramatically increases the chance of graft survivability. It goes a long way. This technology will hopefully sweep throughout the entire world and change the way we think about hair.

This system was originally launched in the US. After that it made it’s way to Europe. Finally it has made it’s way to Asia where it can be enjoyed by many!