Singapore Hair Transplant

Balding is one of the most common and most embarrassing factors of aging. Men especially struggle with the hair on there head dissolving and not returning. So what can be done. Hair transplantation is an up and coming option for those who are struggling with a large amount of hair loss. The benefit to transplantation is that it is a long term fix. You basically have natural growing hair on your head and you take care of it just the same. The maintenance is cheaper than other options such as toupees. Along with that, it looks nicer and much more natural. Singapore is basically the pinnacle of hair transplantation. Here are a few things you should know before going on the transplant train.


Hair transplant is about as expensive of a hair option as possible. It can be pricey because it is basically a medical procedure. The cost of the transplant is mainly the labor of the people doing the transplant and paying off the medical science that went into creating transplants. The cost is anywhere between six thousand and ten thousand depending on the types of hair grafts and how many hair grafts you need. Although the cost is high, it is important to remember why.

If you get a poor hair graft from a sketchy hair graft company, the likelihood of it not sticking or having to have it done is very high which is why you need to only seek out the best curated health specialists from Therefore, it is best to just spend the extra money initially to have a high quality company put high quality hair on your head. Singapore is on the forefront of hair transplantation so they have some of the best quality and best cost hair transplant options. So one thing to consider before doing transplant is the cost.

Other Options

Whenever you start on a medical procedure you should also consider any other options that there are. Just so that you know you made the best well educated decision you possibly could. So what are some other options and some brief pros and cons. The weave. The weave option is basically when they glue hair onto your bald spot. However, this is expensive and requires a lot of maintenance.

It has to be redone every four to six months. So the cost and time invested adds up over time. Another option is a hairpiece. However, a good quality hair piece can be in the five thousand dollar range. They last a long time but must still be replaced every two to three years. Along with that, they are hot and uncomfortable in Singapore because the weather is so humid weather. As you can see, although there are other options, none as good as the transplant.

Other Factors

Just like any other medical procedure, there are a lot of factors that can play into the completion of the procedure. There are a few things to consider such as your other medical conditions The health of your blood vessels and the availability of matching blood type donors. Your body is a machine and all of its parts work together. Damage to even as small a piece to the machine as your hair can cause major problems throughout your body. A quality transplanter will ensure that you are healthy enough of a recipient to do the process of transplantation. Consider all of these other factors before taking the plunge into getting a hair transplant.


The process of getting a hair transplant takes tons of time. Approximately six months to a year before you see a large amount of results. It also is a somewhat painful process and there will be small scabs that come off over the first week or so. Even though it’s not a super painful process, there may be some downtime while the skin on your head recovers. There also may be some slight irritation and scabs that are affiliated with the process. Singapore is the place to have it done. Singapore has an electronic option that is nearly painless and quick. So consider the downtime that may be involved before taking the transplant bus.


Don’t continue on with living life with no hair. Baldness can age you by over 10 years and can be embarrassing and frustrating. Consider these factors that can go into getting a hair transplant. If you are interested in getting a hair transplant consider all of your options. But you will for sure find hair transplant is the best option for you!